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Meet Nicole!

I am the owner and founder of Barks and Bags, a one lady company with a passion for handmade goods. In 2023 I launched my first business, Love Charlie Biscuits as a way to support myself and create a life that is truly fulfilling. After my first year, I had learned and grown in ways I didn't know possible. Unfortunately, I developed arthritis in my hands from overuse. I had to reevaluate the sustainability of having a dog treat business and the toll making biscuits took on my hands. I knew that my love of creating handmade goods greatly outweighed biscuit making so I decided to rebrand my business to Barks and Bags, focusing on my true passion of creativity and being a maker. 

Barks and Bags is the culmination of what I learned from Love Charlie Biscuits, my lifelong love of crafting special handmade products that bring joy to others, my love of animals and giving back.


Meet Charlie!

Charlie is the Barks in my Bag!

She is our golden retriever that we adopted from Pound Puppy Rescue in Redwood City, CA in September of 2019. Charlie and her sister were bought as puppies by a family that unfortunately did not have the time to dedicate to having 2 dogs, which led to both of them spending the beginning of their lives in a garage. Charlie and her sister were both given up to Pound Puppy Rescue and then fostered until they found their forever homes, luckily one of which was ours.


Charlie has been our love, best friend, and companion since we brought her home. Charlie enjoys going for walks, car rides, snuggling, belly rubs, and of course biscuits! She has a sweet and sassy personality, and always keeps us smiling. We are beyond fortunate to have Charlie in our lives, she has brought us so much joy, laughter, healing, and love. 


Meet Dan!

Sometimes it is hard to say if Dan is the love of my life or Charlies', I suppose it is safest to say he is both. Dan is the foundation of our family, without him, Charlie would have never come into our lives. A passionate animal lover, Dan had always wanted a dog to call his own and when I finally folded and agreed, he searched relentlessly for months until he found the perfect one.


Just like with his commitment to find Charlie, Dan lives every aspect of his life with dedication, from working as a Fire Engineer/Paramedic, to being the best dog dad and husband anybody could ever ask for. Dan is my role model, my best friend, and my ultimate supporter. Without him, Love Charlie Biscuits and Barks and Bags would have remained a dream, but it is with Dan and Charlie that I get to share this amazing journey. ​


Meet Linda!

Linda is the best person you'll ever meet! Luckily for me, she's not only my best friend but she is also my mom. 

My creativity and passion for making things stems from her. For as long as I can remember, Linda has always had a craft or project she's diving into with enthusiasm. Linda is not only incredibly crafty, she is the most generous, thoughtful and kind hearted person. I learned from her that there is nothing more special than a gift made by hand. 

Linda helps me tremendously in life and with Barks and Bags. She is my counterpart at markets and events, my printing press, editor, fabric and design coordinator, and so much more. 


 Life is better with Linda!

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